Sheetal Doye

Sheetal Doye


I am one of the India & UK's fitness blogger and have previously worked with several international brands. I am into Sales & Marketing by profession & work as a Digital Media Influencer. I have a close relationship with my followers and my aim through what I do is to empower men & women of all sizes through fitness & Fashion.

I live in London and promote Fitness & Fashion brands using my Instagram & Youtube Channels.

Attached is my up to date media kit, with relevant stats and information.

I have around 234K + organic followers and 80% of which is of 18- 32 years of age who influence & rollout most of the fitness product market base.
I get on an average 46K unique profile visits / week
1.8M profile impressions / week
Per post impression is 80K

Sheetal Doye
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