When do I get Paid?

We endeavor to pay all campaigns within 45 days of campaign completion. In campaigns spanning 3 or more months, payment schedules will be modified accordingly.

Note that campaign completion is the delivery of our final report to a client, which typically happens three weeks following the submission of the last post.

At the end of a campaign, you will be notified for the payment. If you prefer to receive a paper check in the mail, please do not select the E-Payment option. Mailed checks will expire after 90 days.

If you’re working with an international bank, it’s important to note that payments can only be made via paper check or via other payment mode which is used by Droom Media.

Why wasn’t I selected for a campaign?

Unfortunately, we rarely know why certain bloggers are not selected. It is extremely a matter of the client matching your blog to their marketing endeavors. What we focus on instead is creating enough opportunities so that we are saying YES to you as much as possible.

How do I know if I was chosen for a campaign?

If you are chosen for a campaign, we will notify you via email. By then, you will be instructed to log back into your Droom Media account to retrieve your campaign instructions.

Do I need to install the Droom Media badge on my site or Social Media Account?

Installation of the badge is not compulsory, but we would surely cherish you to do so! The badge indicates other bloggers and potential clients that you are part of our system and causes us to get the message out. The more clients see this out there, the more work we get for you all.

But, my blog/ social media account following is small. Will you truly have work for me?

Perhaps! We are really attempting to close various campaigns that will be available for the most of our bloggers, regardless of how huge or how little you are.

Do you have a minimum number of pageviews, fans, followers, etc. that I need to have to get selected?

We truly don't. Surely on the off chance that you have just 5 readers it will be harder to sell you in to a client, however at times we have quite certain criteria to fill (local or statistic) so our edge for the quantity of online visits drops drastically. All things considered, it never damages to enhance your activity, which is the reason we have such a significant number of astounding assets accessible at www.droommedia.com

I completed a campaign and still haven’t been paid. When can I expect my check?

Our payment policy is simple - You get paid when we do. We do our absolute best to collect payments from PR agencies and organizations we work with as quickly as possible. In many cases this is within a 90 Day window, however it can be longer. If a Client does not pay us, we are proactive with getting our legal counsel involved and doing all that we can to push a program to completion.

What if I have more than one blog?

Wow! No problem. We allow you to include multiple blogs and social accounts in the platform and stats section of your profile.

How often do you post new campaigns?

We post campaigns as they come in! This can be erratic. To ensure you don't miss anything, you can subscribe for Droom Media newsletter. You can find the subscription box at the bottom of the homepage at http://www.droommedia.com

What if the information on my profile page changes?

It would be ideal if you will update your profile as necessary! If you move, or get pregnant or have any other changes that will affect the work we do with you, please remember to go to your profile, click “edit” and make any necessary updates.